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The Hookah Lifestyle

If you are looking to buy a new hookah pipe or want to purchase your very first, then look no further than Smuve Smoke Hookahs.

We carry a large selection of excellent hookah products and accessories, and we will meet or exceed all of your CBD needs. Our prime goal is providing excellent customer service, and we relish establishing strong, ongoing rapports with our patrons.

If you are a hookah newbie, read on to learn about its long and respected history.

The hookah dates back to 16th-century India, when India started manufacturing glass. The hookah was invented in an attempt to cool the tobacco smoke through water in a glass base called a shisha.

In the 17th century, hookah became a part of Persian culture. Hookah migrated into Turkish culture, and during the 18th century, the dated look of the Hookah was phased out as blacksmiths began casting intricate brass designs and adorned the pipe with royal and religious markings. Hookah was prominent in Turkish high society and was a symbol of status. Offering a hookah to a guest became an important sign of trust and withholding it could be taken as a serious insult.

The hookah tradition spread into the Middle East throughout the 19th century. In Egypt, traditional tobacco started being flavored with dried lemon, grape, watermelon, honey and mint.

Hookah cafes were built to satisfy its ever-growing popularity. Hookah promoted a community amongst the patrons, uniting all classes, races, and genders alike. It was used as a way for people used them to relax, socialize and strengthen bonds with one another.

Throughout the 20th century, hookah traditions continued to deepen in cultures throughout India, Persia, Turkey, the Middle East, Israel, Armenia and Pakistan. By the late 1900s, hookahs had migrated to virtually every continent as immigrants from these countries brought the custom with them to share a piece of their culture to the new world.

So if you haven’t already joined the hookah lifestyle, now is the time. And Smuve Smoke would love to help you do it!

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